Strut Tower Crack

Sean Coriaty sean.coriaty at
Thu Jan 17 11:37:02 PST 2008

My 1st 200q20va (now deceased) had the stress crack and my current
200q20va has it also.  I had the 1st one fixed; current one is
spreading and needs attention ASAP.
First time, a shop cut a piece of 1/4 inch sheet metal, placed it on
top of the crack (overlapped crack by at least 3/4 inch all around)
and welded it directly on top of the stress crack- but not all the way
around the 1/4 inch metal plate.  They welded only 3 points around
perimeter of metal plate.  It was explained to me that welding the
entire perimeter wouldn't allow necessary flexing of that area and
could lead to cracks in other areas.  It seemed to do it's job (no
crack spread or new cracks) for a year before the car hit an uninsured
phone pole in blizzard conditions.
The first fix had minor issues- was a messy job, and surface rust
quickly appeared on metal plate and around crack.  If I did it that
way again, I'd try to ameliorate these problems.
Now pondering how to have the 2nd crack repaired.
Welding along the stress crack is not a good idea, as it will likely
lead to another crack paralleling the weld (I'm told).
The fact that Bernie's high mileage car w/ Bernie bar has no crack
does not necessarily mean that the crack would have occurred if the
bar wasn't there.  I've seen several 200q20v with high mileage, no
Bernie bar and no crack.  But on the other hand, I've not seen a high
mileage 200q20v with Bernie bar and crack.
I have before and after pics of the first crack repair if anyone is
Freedom, NH

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> What is the proper procedure for repairing the known torn strut tower
> issue on the 200 20vs?
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