Strut Tower Crack

George sidman at
Thu Jan 17 12:34:10 PST 2008

There are very good reasons to install a Bernie Brace, other than simply
fixing the crack. The crack is developing from fatigue, but it also is
indicative of the shock tower creeping to where it is not supposed to be,
complicating alignment. 

My car got the crack, and the difficult to align front end, when I had a
brief argument with a rather large buck one night. After the front
suspension was replaced, the shock tower jacked back into place and the
crack welded, I installed a brace - slightly modified to a solid bar - and
the improvement in tracking and handling was very noticeable. Front tire
wear became totally uniform - no more uneven wear - and steering the car is
much more precise. About 100,000 miles since the brace install and all is

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