Replaced Cats

Phil Rose pjrose at
Sun Jan 20 20:58:13 PST 2008

At 2:31 PM -0500 1/20/08, <ksternal at> wrote:
>I swapped-out the cats yesterday.  Thank you very much.  Boost had 
>been low lately,  rarely going over 1.5, even though pressure check 
>on system showed no problems there, etc., now  it's up to 1.8!  I've 
>never seen it that high in the five years I've owned this car, a few 
>times to 1.7 on colder days (for San Diego, we are talking the 
>brutal area of 50 degrees, possibly mid-40s).  Thanks again for all 
>your help.

I'm not sure if the rest of us know what you're referring to in 
regard to "swapped out the cats". You mean you replaced them with new 
ones (if so, which?), or did you eliminate the cats? My apologies if 
this topic was discussed here in recent weeks--as my subscription to 
the list was temporarily lost as a result of my ISP's unilateral (and 
overly zealous) effort to "protect" me from spam.

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