Oil pressure?

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Tue Jan 22 13:16:53 PST 2008

I don't believe the initial position of the needle is important or
intended to be indicative of anything valuable.  The change in its
behavior at this point is probably just a function of the instrument
cluster having some of the typical resistance anomalies that occur on
these.  As long as the reading appears to be normal when the engine is
running, I think all is well.


On 1/22/08, Matthew Barrett <avenger0017 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Before I present my problem to the list, I feel a quick introduction is
> appropriate as this is my first post.
> My name is Matthew Barret and I live in Tacoma, WA. I am 18 years of age
> and currently taking classes at a local community college. I recently
> purchased Derek Pulvino's 200q20v in November, and have inherited all of
> the problems and "character" that the car has. (I'm sure Derek is glad
> to have the A4 and less problems to deal with.) I am sure I will
> resurrect some of the posts he has already made, (oil burning, rear
> caliper rebuild, etc.) but for now I have a new problem that has come up
> in the last few days.
> For the last two months, when I have turned the key to the "on"
> position, the oil pressure gauge would jump up to 5 bar, which as far as
> my understanding takes me is normal. Yesterday, the oil check light came
> on and being that I hadn't checked it for a week or two, (school and
> work schedule sucks) I added about half a quart. (It burns a quart every
> 500 miles) Now the oil pressure gauge barely moves when I turn the key
> to the "on" position. As soon as I start her up, oil pressure jumps up
> to 5 bar and it runs the same as it has since I bought it from Mr. Pulvino.
> Obviously, this problem worries me. Curious if anyone has any BTDT
> experience.
> -Matt
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