Oil pressure?

Matthew Barrett avenger0017 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 14:30:35 PST 2008

That is the same way my car behaves once it has been started, 5 bar at 
start, 5 bar when I'm on the gas and 2 bar at idle once its warmed up. 
Even after this weirdness the last few days. Just seems odd that all of 
a sudden its behavior changes, not to mention the oil warning keeps 
going off despite having a full oil level.

I agree with Ed as well, I don't really think the needle's initial 
position means all that much. It's more that I'm curious why it would 
randomly change from showing 5 bar, to showing 1 bar and telling me the 
oil is low when, in reality, it has a full crankcase of oil.

As for the the oil consumption, yes it is high. If you search the 
archives for posts from 'Derek Pulvino' you will see he has asked about 
this issue before. Turbo seals among other things were suggested, 
although I noticed a coating of oil on the back of the engine and the 
bottom part of the distributor which garnered a raised eyebrow from me.


1991 Pearl White 200q20v

Brandon Rogers wrote:
> I would think you are fine - if the engine isn't running the pump isn't
> circulating the oil - and hence no real pressure.  As long as it jumps
> to ~5Bar once it starts.  My 3B is at about 5Bar when I start it - stays
> there with any revs greater than about 2000, and drops to about 2 Bar at
> idle once warm.  I don't know why the gauge would jump to 5Bar with the
> key just at "on" but not started - that seems weird to me...but then I
> don't have a 200 - just have the motor...  
> But that oil consumption sure seems high to me....
> If anybody disagrees jump right in!
> Brandon
> '84 urquattro w/ 3B
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> Before I present my problem to the list, I feel a quick introduction is 
> appropriate as this is my first post.
> My name is Matthew Barret and I live in Tacoma, WA. I am 18 years of age
> and currently taking classes at a local community college. I recently 
> purchased Derek Pulvino's 200q20v in November, and have inherited all of
> the problems and "character" that the car has. (I'm sure Derek is glad 
> to have the A4 and less problems to deal with.) I am sure I will 
> resurrect some of the posts he has already made, (oil burning, rear 
> caliper rebuild, etc.) but for now I have a new problem that has come up
> in the last few days.
> For the last two months, when I have turned the key to the "on" 
> position, the oil pressure gauge would jump up to 5 bar, which as far as
> my understanding takes me is normal. Yesterday, the oil check light came
> on and being that I hadn't checked it for a week or two, (school and 
> work schedule sucks) I added about half a quart. (It burns a quart every
> 500 miles) Now the oil pressure gauge barely moves when I turn the key 
> to the "on" position. As soon as I start her up, oil pressure jumps up 
> to 5 bar and it runs the same as it has since I bought it from Mr.
> Pulvino.
> Obviously, this problem worries me. Curious if anyone has any BTDT 
> experience.
> -Matt
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