Oil pressure?

Matthew Barrett avenger0017 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 20:37:30 PST 2008

Good to know what's normal behavior for the gauge and what isn't. Gives 
me another weekend project. As far as the power steering fluid goes, its 
full of Pentosin CHF11s. That's one thing Derek made sure to mention 
when I purchased the car.

As far as oil consumption, I will probably investigate Derek's idea 
about the stem seals/valve guides further, but as I have been looking 
around in the engine compartment I noticed a coating of oil on the 
bottom of the distributor. Mr. Pulvino mentioned that it may coming 
from/through the distributor itself. Once I acquire the Bentley in the 
coming weeks I'll have to look closer.

Anyway, thanks for all the replies and the help. Only problem now is 
deciding which problem to dedicate this coming weekend to.


1991 Pearl White 200q20v

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> On Jan 22, 2008, at 3:40 PM, Matthew Barrett wrote:
>> For the last two months, when I have turned the key to the "on"
>> position, the oil pressure gauge would jump up to 5 bar, which as far as
>> my understanding takes me is normal.
> Nope.  It should not display any pressure with the engine off, ever.  
> If it indicates 5 bar with the ignition off, you have a wiring 
> problem, dash/gauge problem, or a failing sensor.
>> (It burns a quart every 500 miles)
> That is astonishingly high oil consumption for a 3B.  Figure out where 
> it is going.  If it's burning in the combustion chamber and leaving 
> deposits, you're artificially increasing the compression ratio and 
> 'hot spots' for preignition.  This is also a great way to kill off the 
> O2 sensor and the catalytic converters.
> If you're filling it to the max line- don't.  It's marked "maximum", 
> not "fill me to here" ;-)  Half-way between min and max should be plenty.
>> Now the oil pressure gauge barely moves when I turn the key
>> to the "on" position. As soon as I start her up, oil pressure jumps up
>> to 5 bar
> That's the correct behavior.
> Brett

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