Throwing in the towel

Ben Swann benswann at
Thu Jan 24 09:16:14 PST 2008

Getting the ignition switch out is fairly easy – once you know to remove the paint the
is covering the little screw that holds it in – otherwise you will bust it.

If anyone knows how to get the steering column lock mechanism that the key controls and
“talks” to the switch  - without pulling the steering column out, I’d like to know.
What happened on mine is there is a little flat piece of metal that broke off.  This
metal is an extension of the ignition key and is part of the lock mechanism.   Bentley
suggest column has to come out.  Any BTDT or easier way to swap out this – the steering
column lock mechanism.


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There are two screws that hold the ign. switch to the Key/tumbler assy. The
screws are under some soft wax-like stuff. Scratch it out and use a small
flat head screwdriver and back them out, enough to allow the electrical
switch to slide back and away.
What Frank is talking about is for the removal of the turn signal/light
stalk assembly. It has nothing to do with removing the tumbler from the
metal tube that attaches to the steering column.


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