Throwing in the towel

Eric Huppert ehuppert at
Thu Jan 24 17:21:51 PST 2008


If I'm reading correctly, BTDT, it's a real PITA! Believe you're talking
about the metal tang assy that inserts into the ign switch.

No, you don't have to completely remove the steering column, but... Audi in
it's infinite wisdom didn't leave enough clearance to get the assy out.

disconnect the splined steering shaft at the (inside) firewall, knock the
column back out of the "wedge". Once that's loose you have enough room to
get the lock/assy out. IIRC only one bolt holds it to the column, and of
course it's a security torx.

You can't replace just the tang, near impossible to get one that lines up
correctly, believe me, I tried!

As for reassembly, alledgly the column "wedge" can be knocked back into
place. I do agree, to a point. Knocked mine back in probably half a dozen
times. After a short bit it would come loose again, Can't go anywhere as the
column is bolted to the rack splines, but the loose wheel was annoying. I
finally pulled the cluster back out, knocked it tight again, then drilled a
small hole ( right angle drill) and inserted a very small drill. (Not overly
concerned with the column collapsing in a accident!)

Just tried searching the site, but no luck finding my previous posts. Found
some info which was better than mine...

Have fun..


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