dog (and man) rescued

Schaible, David David.Schaible at
Mon Jan 28 13:22:03 PST 2008

So I come home the other a.m. and yet another foolish person tried to
negotiate the closed road I live on (I'm the last house on one side of
the seasonal section)..........but since two guys got winched out  by a
tow truck the snow berme is only like 2.5-3 ft. in one section.   So
this guy and his dog in their ginormous F-350 super duty have the truck
frame securely grounded out on the ice and snow.....lucky for him I was
in a good mood, a asked him if he wanted help which of course he did I backed the avant up to his truck and got the tow
chain........he stares at me incredulously ........."listen, I don't
want you to f#ck your car up helping me, maybe you should use your
truck" pointing to my F-350 dually dump body......I told him to get in
his truck and rest assured I'm not risking my auto for him.   I pulled
him out w/o the clutch/motor thinking about it.......all he had to say
was  " holy f#cking sh*t !!  what's in that thing?"
I winked and said quality german engineering, and since I had finally
hit 125k miles I felt it was broken in and up to helping him out.   
17years later and still wowing folks (sometimes w/o blowing their doors
off on the open road)  not too shabby.....


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