Bought my first audi - 200q20v!

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Sun Jul 6 12:14:58 PDT 2008

The OEM dash computer boost gauge is far from reliable.  If you're really into seeing an accurate boost measurement, you need an aftermarket gauge.  If you don't like the A pillar type mounting, there also are in-the-dash options like the center HVAC outlet spot.

robert weinberg <centaurus3200 at> wrote:  Thanks Tony,

i was going through the old service records. seems the original owner had them pull teh dash to replace the lighs - hmmm... might have tweaked the circuit for the trip computer.

i will investigate. not sure if i would pull the cluster myself - but once armed with the factory manual - my friend is a mechanic who could figure it out. he's pulled the dash out on my SHO before to replace the heater core - so, i figure he's up to the task.

i really don't care about the trip computer - but need to fix it eventually for the boost guage. a VDO boost gauge was in teh glove compartment - but i'm not too into mounting it on the a-piller. this ain't no lowered acura ;-)


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> I believe the fuse for it is also in conjunction with a few
> other
> things. I have a 4kQ with a trip computer in it that's
> actually burned
> up, so that might be the problem as well. There are also
> quite a few
> issues with the instrument clusters from that time frame.
> You might
> want to take it apart and check for crachs at the solder
> joints. If
> there is one particular area of Audi's of that time,
> it's the
> electronics, Particularly the instrument clusters and Bose
> sound
> systems. However, once fixed correctly, you should have no
> problems
> with them. Ingo did a writeup on them in the past, you may
> search the
> archives for it.
> Oh, and you may want to trim the excess off your posts.
> Otherwise, it
> costs extra $$ for the bandwidth.
> Tony Hoffman

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