best alignment specs for 200q20v?

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Tue Jul 8 16:14:12 PDT 2008

getting new tires on the car this Thursday - Kuhmo ECSTA Sport 235/45/ZR17 on 2002 A4 rims. what do you guys recommend for alignment specs?

I'm being sorta lazy and taking it to wheelworks in Oakland. reason being they honor the tirerack price plus $19/tire. it's a year warranty on the alignment - so i can keep taking it back there until they both get it right and I'll have to align it again when i get the struts/springs on it at some point.

I've had decent luck with them and my old SHO. key is to tell them the exact specs you want - AND YOU WANT AS LITTLE TOLERANCE BETWEEN BOTH SIDES AS POSSIBLE.

can i run 0 degree toe? i did that on my sho - was more responsive. no added tire wear or anything.



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