best alignment specs for 200q20v?

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Tue Jul 8 19:51:06 PDT 2008

The/ my DIY spec for all my Audis for min. tire wear is zero camber,  
and zero toe, with zero tolerance side to side, F & R.  Zero camber  
on the 200‘s front requires some mods to achieve, but anything up to  
-0.5 deg with zero tol side to side is not too bad. Once achieved, is  
rock solid for years.


On Jul 8, 2008, at 4:14 PM, robert weinberg wrote:

> getting new tires on the car this Thursday - Kuhmo ECSTA Sport  
> 235/45/ZR17 on 2002 A4 rims. what do you guys recommend for  
> alignment specs?
> I'm being sorta lazy and taking it to wheelworks in Oakland. reason  
> being they honor the tirerack price plus $19/tire. it's a year  
> warranty on the alignment - so i can keep taking it back there  
> until they both get it right and I'll have to align it again when i  
> get the struts/springs on it at some point.
> I've had decent luck with them and my old SHO. key is to tell them  
> the exact specs you want - AND YOU WANT AS LITTLE TOLERANCE BETWEEN  
> can i run 0 degree toe? i did that on my sho - was more responsive.  
> no added tire wear or anything.
> Robby
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