replacement throttle cam from 034

Kneale Brownson knealeski at
Wed Jul 9 06:52:28 PDT 2008

Wow, $130???  Maybe you should invest in some stainless steel "baling" wire?

Phil Rose <pjrose at> wrote:  I've just become aware that 034 Motorsport offers a solid stainless 
steel replacement for the oem throttle (cable) cam. Am I the last one 
to know about this product? ;-)

I'm referring to the oem throttle (cable) cam that commonly fails by 
sudden disintegration of the wimpy plastic thing that's needed to 
secure the throttle-cable end. After my cable-end holder fell apart a 
few years ago, I've been "making do" by securing the throttle 
cable's end with baling wire and nylon tie wraps; but at every track 
tech inspection, I expect to get failed. The 034 replacement cam 
appears to be a good, peace-of-mind** solution. Any experiences to 
share about the 034 item?


** Yes I know: Those who drive 17 yr-old cars shouldn't expect "peace 
of mind". ;-)

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