favorite - strut/shock/spring combo?

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what are v8 lowering spings? just the H&R springs for the V8? or are you saying that the stock V8 springs are naturally 1/2" lower so just look for used V8 springs?


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> favorite aftermarket combinations are.
>  and where's the best prices to get the
> struts/shocks/springs.
> I'd be up for good used aftermarket springs if anyone
> has them for
>  sale.
> has anybody tried tokico? i had them on my Taurus SHO with
> eibach
>  springs. a little stuff, but cornered like a mofo.
> thanks,
> Robby
>     I think the best handling for street with track
> capabilities is the v-8 lowering springs
> with the HD bilstein shocks. The ride heighth ends up
> within a 1/2 inch of stock and the control is great. Little
> harsh over expansion joints but only if you experience a
> stock 20v back to back.  I have owned 2 cars at the same
> time with different packages.Braking hard and cornering
> limits are light years better (flatter and faster).
>     Best looks take the lowering springs and shocks with
> low profile wheels and tires. Then alignment becomes
> another expensive trade off.
>       Just depends where your priorities lie, Best of luck,
> Tom
>     '91 200 20-v blk/blk sedan 105K IA stg III+ RS2
> manifold at 22 #s, almost perfect
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