favorite - strut/shock/spring combo?

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 15:09:46 PDT 2008

Ok, here goes...

Springs from a 92 S4
Boge Turbogas
larger front sway bar from a 4.2 litre V8 (92-94 vintage)

If you have to have more damping, Bilstein HDs or Koni reds. 

Personally, I am closer to Bernie's perspective, but I know that's not
enough for some people.

I have a V8 and a 91 Avant with stock springs and Bilstein HDs and a 93 V8
with H&Rs and Konis.

I really don't like the HDs.  They are not compliant enough over minor road
irregularities and the ride is jiggly and harsh.  Based on prior discussion,
I believe I am clearly in the minority in this area however.

I actually prefer the H&R/Koni combo for the "over the road" ride, but
dislike it for other reasons, mainly I don't want to have to worry about
dips and driveway ramps and speed bumps in my "cruiser".

I have tracked a completely stock 91 Avant and a 89 200q with Boge and had
an absolute blast.  Body roll doesn't bother me.  If your smooth enough, it
offers a greater challenge to hustle these "pigs", as some are wont to call
them, around a track or through your favorite twisties.  

If you're competing against anyone or a stopwatch, then you bought the wrong


> -----Original Message-----
>  favorite aftermarket combinations are.
>  and where's the best prices to get the struts/shocks/springs.
> I'd be up for good used aftermarket springs if anyone has 
> them for  sale.
> has anybody tried tokico? i had them on my Taurus SHO with 
> eibach  springs. a little stuff, but cornered like a mofo.
> thanks,
> Robby

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