favorite - strut/shock/spring combo?

Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 19:39:31 PDT 2008


Note that the '92 urS4 springs that Ed mentioned are specific to that
year, which was lower than the subsequent years, and had a rear sway

I've ran H&R/Bilstein and been happy with it in a street application,
but I gave up a lot of the great stock ride, in my case mostly for the
look.  In a chipped car I prefer a stiffer suspension, as it just
seems more under control without all the body movement under boost and
braking and such.



robert weinberg <centaurus3200 at yahoo.com>
> okay - as far as stock springs for the 200q20v.
> which would be the biggest upgrade over the stock 200q20v springs:
> 1. audi V8 springs
> 2. URS4 springs?
> how much of an upgrade are we talking? if the stock 200q20v springs are the baseline (1 rating) and H&R springs are the most performannce oriented (10 rating).
> where do the above springs place?
> thanks,
> Robby

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