favorite - strut/shock/spring combo?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Jul 9 19:44:50 PDT 2008

At 5:50 PM -0700 7/9/08, robert weinberg wrote:
>again, i MAY track the car at some point - like once just to see how 
>it does - but it's a big ass sedan, it's not a track car. it's meant 
>to tear up the highway and the occasional mountain road.

So what IS a "track car"? I don't think we're talking about racing 
here. Generally when this list discusses "the track" it's in 
reference to non-timed, non-competitive lapping (road course) events, 
not 1/4 mile timed runs, etc. I think that if you can get your "big 
ass" '91 200q to be fun for a "tear up the highway" and on "twisty" 
mountain roads, you'll probably find it will do fine as a "track car" 
in most any of the Audi Club Driver's Ed type of event (i.e., road 
courses).  Yes indeed, a  '91 200q, if modestly set up with decent 
pads, good shocks and grippy tires (of course a chip wouldn't hurt 
either) and if competently driven-- should be able to provide a 
reasonable (and fun) test your driving skills at these types of track 
events. Sure, you will get passed by many cars, but you ought to be 
able to pass your share, too.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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