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Part 1 of 2:

Over the years, I've tried to post what I have on 200q20v springs & dampers, but recently, the mail list limits the size of the post to less than my writeup's size.  So, I'll post this info in two emails.

I happen to like the 200 being lowered about an inch, which is something that H&R as well as Eibach desgined into their springs for this application.  The disadvantage of lowering has been driveways and speed bumps, as my Sebro exhaust sometimes gets scuffed a bit.  There have been many posts about using spacers to bring the ride height back up again using the springs I've listed.  Perhaps, some lister can provide the part numbers & sources for those spacers, as I don't have that info

But, the best handling IMO was from the H&R/Koni setup.  However, this arrangement is harsh and caused a resonating, vibrating ride with 70 mph freeway driving.  With an hour commute to and from work each day, after a half-year or so, I jettisoned the setup.

Eventually, I settled on Eibach/Bilstein as the best compromise for me & how I drive the car.


Here's the first half of the writeup:

Eibach (949.752.6700)
M/N        Appl.         “Spring Rate”               Lowering Amount (200-20V)
1506.140  ’91 100     Linear         F    128#/inch      1.0”   (1.25”)
                      Progressive    R    128-286#/inch  0.8”   (1.0”)
1529.140  ’92 S4      Linear         F    246#/inch      1.0”   (0.75”)
                      Progressive    R    188-308#/inch  0.8”   (0.5”)
H&R  (888.827.8881)
M/N        Appl.         “Working Rate”              Lowering Amount
29800   ’91 200-20V   Linear         F    175#/inch      1.5”
                      Linear         R    230#/inch      1.5”
29616   ’91 100       Linear         F    175#/inch      0.75-1.0”
                      Linear         F    200#/inch      1.0”
29921   ’92 S4        Linear         F    300#/inch      n/a
                      Linear         F    350#/inch      n/a
  He said:  “don’t even try the 29921 on a ’91 200 20V!”
Shocks for ’91 200-20V
Koni (606.586.4100)
       M/N      damping (newton-meters) @ 0.33 m/s:  bump (compression)/rebound
F  86-2149SPORT              800/1350
R  80-2630SPORT              600/1050
(adjustment is only for rebound; max shown with adjustment to lower value)
Bilstein (800.537.1085)
M/N      damping (newton-meters) @ 0.52 m/s:  bump (compression)/rebound
For STD Springs
F  P36-0370                 1015/1130
R  B46-2065                  800/1200
For Shorter Springs
F  P36-0369                 1070/1195
R  B46-2066 (12mm)           800/1200
   BE5-2593 (10mm)

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