favorite - strut/shock/spring combo?

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 11:13:01 PDT 2008

Hi Mike,

thanks for the words of wisdom. well, the suspension is shot - like no damping up front - floats like a Cadillac ;-)

planning on borrowing Ian's intended acceleration chip for now - while his 200q20v gets repaired.

hmmm, what makes the sho such a better lane carver? it's suspension design, i believe, is more simplistic than the 200q20v - and it's fwd. it is lighter though.

I'm sure some aluminum sub frame bushings sand full length sub frame connectors on the 200q20v would do wonders - did for my sho.

but I'd NEVER do the aluminum SFBs again - ride was way too jarring.

yeah, I'm all about maintenance first - play later. learned the with the SHO. but yes, the 200q20v is in desperate need of shocks/struts - might as well put some springs on it while i'm in there.

where's the best place to buy poly bushings? might as well do those too while i'm in there (meaning while nick chrimes - the SHO wizard is in there - he'll be doing the work ;-)

see ya,

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> Robby:  I also had a '93 SHO for 9 years.
> Then I bought my ''93 S4 (still have it).   Last
> year I picked up a mint '91
> 200 and I run in parallel.  (not a smart move, but it's
> working out so far).
> So, I know what you had, and I know what you're in for
> :)
> I have some unsolicited advice:  Unless the suspension is
> worn out, leave it
> alone for a while because I don't think you can make
> these cars handle like
> the SHO did.  Plus, you might need money for something
> else.
> I'd start with Euros headlights.  About $500 but
> you'll feel like it was
> worth it.
> I'd also chip it before going to the suspension - big
> bank for the buck.
> The '91 is actually considered a good handling car
> compared to the '93 -'97
> S4/S6.  I HAD to do something about the S4.  The 200's
> OK enough for me.
> No, it is not "good", but I'm not going to
> repeat what I did in the S4.
> I spent $$$$ on an Eibach Sport/Bilstein Sports/2B camber
> plate setup for my
> S4 and I was disappointed.  It's not
> "planted" like the SHO was.  Wrist snap
> lane changes in my cars?  No thanks.  All day long in the
> SHO.  You can
> reduce dive and roll, but if your expectations are like
> mine were, be
> careful.
> You're going to love the car - just don't rush into
> anything optional.
> Mike


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