favorite - strut/shock/spring combo?

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Thu Jul 10 13:09:45 PDT 2008

Can’t help you, Rich.
My 200 20V with 225K is a rock solid, comfortable cruiser with stock  
suspension, Konis and a strut brace. Tires last for ever and  
alignment never changes, set at -0.5 deg. front camber, zero rear,  
and zero toe F and R.
I am not a proponent of 2B, inasmuch as Son’s experience indicates  
that they know nothing of suspension dynamics.


On Jul 10, 2008, at 9:06 AM, Richard Harris wrote:

> Bernie,
> I've got a 200 20v running new Bilstein Sports and H&R 29800s that  
> will
> primarily be a track car. I am unhappy with the BS/H&R combo. Got any
> suggestions? Are you aware of any spring/shock or coil over options  
> besides
> 2B?
> Richard
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> There is but one optimum, “critical” damping for a specific combo of
> spring rate and unsprung weight!
> Bilstein‘s marketing strategy is to over damp all stock applications,
> so the dumb customer can feel a big difference and thus feel good
> about his poor application and thin wallet. Obviously, I don’t like  
> Bs.
> Konis can easily be and often are also adjusted to an over damped
> condition (read 2B). Damping has little to do with ride quality,
> Spring rate controls ride quality. Damping controls the suspension’s
> response to dynamic bump inputs, the timing for shortest, optimum
> return to SRH.
> Bernie
> On Jul 9, 2008, at 3:09 PM, Ed Kellock wrote:
>> snip<
>> I really don't like the HDs.  They are not compliant enough over
>> minor road
>> irregularities and the ride is jiggly and harsh.  Based on prior
>> discussion,
>> I believe I am clearly in the minority in this area however.
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