where's your temps at?

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 10 15:48:25 PDT 2008

With a good thermostat, two fully functional radiators and the electric fan operational, my 200q20v sedan's gauge needle rises from cold to just above the wider solid line.  What's that?  Maybe the  fifth hashmark on the gauge?  Maybe a little more than a third of the whole range?  From there it barely wavers before the electric fan comes on and maintains that temperature, at least in sub-100 degree weather (F).  Stays right there all winter.  My 200q20v avant doesn't get that high in the winter, but produces adequate heating temperatures, and doesn't seem to get much above that mark in the summer, but we don't drive it much in the summer.  It's mostly a ski trip car.

robert weinberg <centaurus3200 at yahoo.com> wrote:  just curious. mine seems to hang around about 40% up from cold. the electric fan works great.

reason for asking - still learning about the car. my trip computer/boost gauge doesn't work - is this also where the autocheck lights are - like if the car overheats?

i've heard that if the thermostatic switch(?) dies, the temp gauge will read normal, but the car will overheat.

my old Taurus SHO was one of the few cars that has a real temp gauge - when the conditions are hot, the temps read hot. not some feel-good constant normal reading - unless of an extreme condition, like overheating.

with my SHO, if the gauge never gets past normal, then you know the thermostat is stuck ;-)

what's the normal behavior of the audi temp gauge?


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