favorite - strut/shock/spring combo?

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Hey Robby,
   Man I've never seen this much action on this list. Way to wake things up! 
    I installed the B&G springs and Bilstein Sport shocks on my 200 20v Avant 
a few months ago and I couldn't be happier. Not harsh at all. The springs 
lowered the front only about 3/4 of an inch. Didn't lower the rear at all but I 
had the Wagon springs. I've heard their Sedan springs are similar though.
 Perfect daily driver setup for me. The rear feels like it could use a bit 
more damping over big dips. A lot of folks get the Bilsteins re-valved stiffer 
in the rear which costs 75 dollars from Bilstein. Firms things up drastically 
but still not stiff or even sporty really but I consider in a good handling 
car. Fun and predictible and can get around a corner fairly well.
On your temp gauge question. Mine usually runs fairly warm in town with the 
fan coming on frequently and coolish on the freeway. 
Chad T
PS: Here are a few more forums you can check out if you haven't already. 
This is a good DIY resource.
_http://forums.audiworld.com/v8/_ (http://forums.audiworld.com/v8/) 
034 sponsored _http://www.motorgeek.com/_ (http://www.motorgeek.com/) 
Great friendly site here with lots of very smart people and just a couple dum 
_http://www.justfourrings.com/_ (http://www.justfourrings.com/)  
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still learning here - the 200q20v has struts up front and shocks in the rear, 

so, just curious as to what your favorite aftermarket combinations are. and 
where's the best prices to get the struts/shocks/springs.

I'd be up for good used aftermarket springs if anyone has them for sale.

has anybody tried tokico? i had them on my Taurus SHO with eibach springs. a 
little stuff, but cornered like a mofo.


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