favorite - strut/shock/spring combo?

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 20:38:06 PDT 2008


yeah, i have a way of waking up sleepy list serves ;-)

getting the Kuhmo  ESCTA Sport 235/45/ZR17 on my 2002 A4 17" rims tomorrow. i bought some good used Koni/H&R Red from force5. Chris is a nice guy. i asked if they were still good? he said yes - i asked how many miles. he said listen, they look like they don't have more than 40k on them - probably less. i can't be sure. but they are in fine condition and I'm not trying to screw you. i want you to recommend me to friends. LOL!

my friend nick chrimes of Taurus SHO fame, will install the set-up and slot the towers as bernie suggested.

here's a link to nick's car - a little old, his SHO now puts down 451 HP to the front wheels (approx. 530HP at the crank):


once i get tires, suspension all done. i will borrow Ian's intended acceleration chip and be done for now. just drive the car, once i feel i can trust it and know all its quarks, i will finish it off. repaint the faded roof and fix the a/c.

at some point, ultimately, 034 down pipe, intake and exhaust. 034 is about 30 miles away from our place. then call it a day. 

if i can get the car to handle well and get close to 300HP crank HP, I'm happy. i wouldn't know what to do with more power anyway.

wont happen overnight. must watch the budget and not get carried away (famous last words ;-)

the crappy thing is that my daily driver (1998 Nissan Sentra) needs CVs. i bought that thing to NOT spend money!

see ya,

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> Subject: Re: favorite - strut/shock/spring combo?
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> Hey Robby,
>    Man I've never seen this much action on this list.
> Way to wake things up! 
>     I installed the B&G springs and Bilstein Sport
> shocks on my 200 20v Avant 
> a few months ago and I couldn't be happier. Not harsh
> at all. The springs 
> lowered the front only about 3/4 of an inch. Didn't
> lower the rear at all but I 
> had the Wagon springs. I've heard their Sedan springs
> are similar though.
>  Perfect daily driver setup for me. The rear feels like it
> could use a bit 
> more damping over big dips. A lot of folks get the
> Bilsteins re-valved stiffer 
> in the rear which costs 75 dollars from Bilstein. Firms
> things up drastically 
> but still not stiff or even sporty really but I consider in
> a good handling 
> car. Fun and predictible and can get around a corner fairly
> well.
> On your temp gauge question. Mine usually runs fairly warm
> in town with the 
> fan coming on frequently and coolish on the freeway. 
> Chad T
> PS: Here are a few more forums you can check out if you
> haven't already. 
> This is a good DIY resource.
> _http://forums.audiworld.com/v8/_
> (http://forums.audiworld.com/v8/) 
> 034 sponsored _http://www.motorgeek.com/_
> (http://www.motorgeek.com/) 
> Great friendly site here with lots of very smart people and
> just a couple dum 
> dums.
> _http://www.justfourrings.com/_
> (http://www.justfourrings.com/)  
> (http://www.motorgeek.com/)  
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> Subject: favorite - strut/shock/spring combo?
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> still learning here - the 200q20v has struts up front and
> shocks in the rear, 
> correct?
> so, just curious as to what your favorite aftermarket
> combinations are. and 
> where's the best prices to get the
> struts/shocks/springs.
> I'd be up for good used aftermarket springs if anyone
> has them for sale.
> has anybody tried tokico? i had them on my Taurus SHO with
> eibach springs. a 
> little stuff, but cornered like a mofo.
> thanks,
> Robby
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