fun topic: 200q20v VS. URS4

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Fri Jul 11 09:52:03 PDT 2008

At 09:39 AM 7/11/2008 -0700, you wrote:
>hi all,
>please educate me on the differences b/t the URS4 (1992-1995.5) and 
>the 200q20v.
>from what i currently understand:
>- URS4 has steel head gasket - so can handle more boost - easy 
>enough fix for the 200q20v

not always true - there have been folks with 95 S6s who found this to 
be false ;-(

>- both use basically the same engine and turbo

ECU is completely different, much more diagnostic capability and 
UrS4/S6 came with "overboost" option to 227hp...

>- what are teh differences in the trannies? i've heard the URS4 has 
>a weak 2nd gear.

early 01Es, yes, but 95.5 S6 01E is one of the strongest that Audi has made

>- URS4 has DIS ignition
>- i assume URS4 has a tighter chassis

and heavier....

>- URS4 has less niggly issues with the electronics

debatable, yes, they don't seem to have a similar weak spot in the 
instrument cluster such as the 200, but they also (other than the 
1992) dont have the multifunction trip computer or boost gauge...;-)

>- what else?
>from my personal opinion, i chose the 200q20v because the URS4 seem 
>to be much more expensive. the bag for the buck award seems to go to 
>the 200q20v.
>finally, i don't know about you guys, but the 200q20v looks much 
>more sexy and original than the URS4. the 200q20v has, at least to 
>me, has the perfect combination of swoopy lines, but still some 
>sharp edges for contrast. the URS4 always looked like a bloated A4 
>to me. sort of just looked like everything else on the road.
>what are your thoughts?
>see ya,
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