fun topic: 200q20v VS. URS4

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Fri Jul 11 10:52:35 PDT 2008

I can't speak to the mechanical differences between the 2, but, I am with  
you as far as looks go! I think the 200q20v is a beautiful automobile.......I  
don't necessarily like the straight 200/100/500, I think it's a bit slab sided  
and too tall/spindly. The S4 is a nice looking car, and  the enthusiast eye 
can see a difference between it and an A4 [kind of  like the difference between 
an SHO and a Taurus], but, it does break into the  whole roundy thing that 
happened in the late 80's [with the Taurus leading the  way] and ,you're right, 
a lot of cars look like it.
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centaurus3200 at writes:

finally,  i don't know about you guys, but the 200q20v looks much more sexy 
and original  than the URS4. the 200q20v has, at least to me, has the perfect 
combination of  swoopy lines, but still some sharp edges for contrast. the URS4 
always looked  like a bloated A4 to me. sort of just looked like everything 
else on the  road.

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