need tie rods

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Fri Jul 11 19:04:31 PDT 2008


Given the shop labor rate that I had to pay last time I went for an 
alignment, you might be better off with the new ones..

Given that you appear to be paying for the maintenance, it might be a 
good idea.

My lesson learned?  Next time I'm pulling the entire tire rod AHEAD 
of time and loosening and lubricating the adjuster...
Even with a liberal application of antiseize, after 1-2 New England 
winters, the adjusters will corrode and require a torch for loosening.


At 06:17 PM 7/11/2008 -0700, robert weinberg wrote:
>just got the car back from getting tires. i expected something to 
>come up. you guys are right though - this thing will cost a pretty 
>penny before it's in fine running condition. who knows what else 
>awaits me. probably should have bought a cleaner example, but what's 
>done is done.
>the guy said he couldn't align the front as the inner tie rods were 
>frozen - can't adjust them.
>i searched around (as did he) - seems you can either get outer tie 
>rod ends or the whole tie rod assembly.
>best price i can find for both is from
>left - $59
>right: $93
>these look correct?
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