alright last question - ticking lifters?

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Sat Jul 12 10:44:32 PDT 2008

thanks for everyone's patience with me. i'm new to the audi game and have lots of questions.

didn't notice what seems to be ticking coming from the top of the engine when i bought the car. but can hear it now. seems weird that the lifters would be ticking with only 114k on the clock. they are hydraulic, correct? i could just reshim the solid lifters on my SHO.

i don't think it's an exhaust leak.

it's not super loud or anything. car still idles smooth, never misses a beat and hauls ass.

i assume i can leave it for now and deal with it at another time. someone on the 034 forum said something about using marvel mystery oil?



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