alright last question - ticking lifters?

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Jul 13 20:19:57 PDT 2008


Since when is expressing a contrary opinion belittlement? I didn’t  
mean it as such, sorry that you took it so.

If your lifters are that sensitive to oil type they are probably all  
sludged up, in need of a good cleaning or replacement.


On Jul 13, 2008, at 5:09 PM, Eric Huppert wrote:

> Bernie,
> I did preface my statement with "IME". I am qualified to make this
> statement, and did so in response to another's question.
> My experience with this phenomenon was with all three of my prior  
> 10V's. I
> could tell when I started to lose oil viscosity, lifters would tick  
> a little
> longer on start-up, and would get progressively worse as the oil got
> thinner.
> Upon changing the oil the lifter tick would disappear. On several  
> occasions
> I tried different brands. Quaker State and Pennzoil would exhibit  
> lifter
> tick when oil was new. Dump it, put the Castrol in, tick gone.  
> Several other
> un-named brands went that direction also.
> So, is my statement ridiculous, or am I ridiculous? I work in a two  
> man
> automotive restoration shop with the emphasis on vintage British  
> cars, but
> we work on most anything that pays. Retired Military, but I've only  
> been
> working on vehicles for over thirty years. I build, maintain and  
> repair my
> vehicles (to include my race car) as I don't trust anyone else or feel
> they're as qualified as myself. I realize I probably am not quite as
> competent as you, but at least I don't belittle others for their  
> thoughts or
> opinions.
> Oh, not to forget, 10k on a oil change, 20k on a filter?
> cheers, Eric
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> Ridiculous! I use any Dino on sale, change 10W40 every 10K and orange
> filter @20K.
> Bernie
> On Jul 13, 2008, at 1:34 PM, Eric Huppert wrote:
>> IME (on my fourth type 44 now) these engines don't like certain
>> brands of
>> oil. Sounds crazy, brand shouldn't matter...
>> Regardless, I normally run dino, castrol...
>> Eric

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