how to check and clear codes

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Mon Jul 14 10:20:52 PDT 2008

had fun yesterday with Ian Gall. he let me borrow his Intended Acceleration relfashed ECU. the car hauls serious booty now ;-)

one question though. i was driving on the freeway and was coming to my interchange with traffic slowing up ahead. so, i just threw it in neutral. the rpm dipped below idle then stalled. restarted no problem, but the check engine light is now on. runs the same as before. Ian said it did this to him before as well.

with my old SHO (my only reference point), when i had the pro M 80mm MAF and sho shop chip, it would stall in the same manner sometimes. usually because the timing is fairly advanced. the check engine code was always fuel pump failure. which is BS, but that's how it recorded the stall.

anyway, how do i check the codes on the Audi and clear them? do i need the vagcom software? or can i pull that centrix looking connector that goes to the ecu and it will reset itself?



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