alright last question - ticking lifters?

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Mon Jul 14 21:45:18 PDT 2008


I tout Orange just to uphold my contrarian reputation among the  
Blacks. Actually, I don‘t think it makes any diff.

None of my 4 I5s have ever had the slightest complaint with any oil  
meeting the current API service designation and apparently don’t care  
about change interval. !0K is the easiest to remember, tempered by  
convenient outside temperatures.


On Jul 14, 2008, at 7:40 PM, Ben Swann wrote:

> Bernie,
> I often agree with your position on avoiding fat wallet syndrome  
> and try not to spend more than nee be on things, but my experience  
> with oil in I-5's mirrors Eric's.  Although not in every case, most  
> of the pre-1993 inline 5 engines I've had or worked on are picky  
> with the oil and they definitely do better with a higher viscosity  
> range  - On the cheap side I use Castrol 20W50 in summer and 10/40  
> in winter and for the turbo engines, I'll run SYNTEC 5W50 year  
> round provided there is not some silly oil leak that would have me  
> blowing the stuff out.  I'll run the cheap stuff to break in an  
> engine because it is good for wearing in an engine. I really don't  
> have experience with the '94 and later 20 valve turbos, so don't  
> know if there is a different tolerance in the later engines.
> Don't want to start any oil wars, but if I run other than the  
> Castrol, or Mobil-1s or other "good stuff" I've invariably had  
> mixed results, usually serious lifter clatter.  Lower viscosity  
> contributes to this, but the Wal-mart special oils IMO is almost  
> not good engough for chansaw bar oil - I'd rather use 7000 mile oil  
> synth oil for that. YMMV on lifter age, etc., but I've solved most  
> lifter clatter by running higher visc range - usually 20W50 Castrol  
> just to prove the point.  The cheap stuff breaks down to a watery  
> consistancy in about 2-3000 miles, so sometimes you get what you  
> pay for.
> Don't get me started on the FRAM filters, especially since I can  
> shop around and get MANN or MAHLE for almost as cheap.  I used to  
> be a FRAM Bigot, but not anymore.
> Ben
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> Ridiculous! I use any Dino on sale, change 10W40 every 10K and  
> orange filter @20K.
> Bernie
> On Jul 13, 2008, at 1:34 PM, Eric Huppert wrote:
> > IME (on my fourth type 44 now) these engines don't like certain  
> brands
> > of oil. Sounds crazy, brand shouldn't matter...
> >
> > Regardless, I normally run dino, castrol...
> >
> > Eric]

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