rates for multiple car policies

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I think that a '91 Audi is not old enough to be considered a "classic".  I 
don't know what the cut-off is, or what other criteria they use to determine 
it.  I had an '89 Volvo 780 Bertone Coupe with a 5.0 V8 & T-5 swap which I 
drove as a weekend (not daily use) car, and could not find a company that 
would recognize it as a specialty car.  I had to insure it as if it were a 
stock '89 Volvo.  Now I have a '76 Lancia Scorpion which *is* considered a 
classic, insurance for it is ~$120/year through Hagerty.

Andy Schor
'91 Avant 295K miles

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> Hi Bernie,
> i do have full coverage on the 200q20v and my wife's A4 (liability, 
> collision, theft, fire, etc.) but just liability on my beater Nissan 
> sentra. $100k/300K coverage for all cars as we own property.
> i have to ask my insurance company how much the rates would have been had 
> i not totaled my SHO and caused about $2,000 worth of damage to the 2006 
> Honda accord in front of me.
> it's my only point on my record. i think 1 point isn't so bad, but 2 or 
> more points really jacks the rates up. of course my one point probably 
> cost my insurance company $10,000 between the damage to the accord and the 
> girl was already playing the whiplash game - you know how that goes.
> i guess i foolishly thought that to add a "weekend car" like the 200q20v 
> would be a few hundred bucks, not $700. so, looking to see what you guys 
> are paying as many of you have more than one car as well.
> Robby 

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