how many hoses are there for boost?

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Sun Jul 20 16:31:44 PDT 2008

There are 2 boost hoses. The one coming out of the turbo to the intercooler 
crossover pipe and the one coming out of the intercooler into the intake 
pipe (AKA michelin man hose). They are typically sold as a kit. had them on sale a little while ago. There is also the hose on 
the throttle body but it is not prone to failing due to higher boost so that 
is probably why Samco doesn't make it. They can fail over time like any 
other hose. It tends to split on the bottom side where the Idle Stabilizer 
Valve goes in. It is a sneaky little boost leak that took me a long time to 
find when mine started to leak.

The hose coming off the MAF that feeds the turbo is not under any pressure 
so stock is OK on that one too.

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> is there a kit that has ALL the turbo and intercooler hoses? how much are 
> they?
> are the stock audi hoses marginal if you run 2.5bar or can they handle it?
> just trying to gather info at this point.
> Robby
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