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Would that adjustment  be twisting?
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  I think the shifting is done with the other rod.  When I could only get maybe third gear after replacing the clutch on my 200q20v avant, it was adjustment of that rod that cleared things up.  PITA to get to with the propeller shaft back in, but I found I could use a crow's foot with an extension on the top and socket with another extension on the bottom for loosening and retightening.  I had to move the connection back more onto the linkage from the shift rod to get the rest of my gears.

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    I finally got the transmission swap completed in my 91 200 TQ 20V. Unfortunately I have no reverse. Which of the two rods most likely needs to be adjusted? I am thinking that it would be the one going to the right side on the transmission. I am going to try to lengthen it. I am guessing that the bar is not moving over far enough to go into reverse.
    Does this sound right? Any additional thoughts?
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