sloppy shifter - turn bose stereo

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Fri Jul 25 10:08:27 PDT 2008

robert weinberg wrote:
> is the general consensus that the Bose stereo is
> basically a nightmare and to 
> free myself of the burden? ;-)
My 2 cents:  the Bose system may have been fine when it was
new, but that was 17 years ago. Things have gotten better. If
you did fix the Bose amps by soldering in new caps, you'd still
have 17 y.o. speakers, and you'd be upset when the volume 
control on the radio starts acting up and can't be fixed.

I'd set a budget and buy what I needed to replace the entire 
system. You can save a buck by buying used amps off ebay. 
Then the hard part is finding a head unit that looks good in 
the Audi dash.  Or forgo the head unit all together and use 
an iPod as your source.

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