Wandering idle

Avenger avenger0017 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 20:41:31 PDT 2008

Well, i dug into the 200 on sunday and replaced the breather hose with 
something i fabricated using the breather hose from 034 motorsport and a 
brass fitting that i picked up at lowes for 2.50.

Long story short, i have a intermittent wandering idle problem now. I 
drove it about 10 miles this morning and it was fine. Drove it home from 
work tonight and when i got home it was bouncing about 100 - 200 rpm. 
Turn it off, go inside for 5 minutes, come back, turn it on and its fine.

Anyone have any BTDT experience with this? Im thinking some dirt could 
have possibly gotten into the ISV while i had things taken apart, or the 
throttle body gasket took some damage while i was 
disassembling/reassembling. Besides those two things im clueless.



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