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As far as I remember on the 10v tqa the fronts and rears had a step on the
inner side of the hub against which the inside of the outer bearing sits.
The outside had a clip front and rear. The kits that I got did not have new
clips. One front was replaced by a mechanic who did not refit the old clip.
The other front and one rear were replaced by me so I just threw the old
clip back in. considering the force required in the press to re-insert the
bearing I believe that the clip not being fitted / deleted by audi later on
(on the 92 on 100 for example)is reasonable. 

The axle bolts should be stretch bolts so should be replaced.
As I said though, I only go the bearing last time so re-used the bolt.
I figured that reusing the old one was better than not fitting one at all.

BTW if you grind the threads of the axle bolts down just a wee bit, they
make excellent Bosch diesel pump locking pins


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It is remotely possible that the front uses ZERO circlips....I had given the
bearings to a local machine shop
who did the work. I do recall getting SOME circlips back, so I know the
fronts use FEWER circlips, than the rear
and the answer may either be ONE per side or ZERO per side.

Hopefully someone else knows the answer, my memory is not too good from two
years back.
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  ETKA shows the same part number for fronts and rears except the rears have
an "F" suffix.  The front kits I got from Autohausaz have the right part
number of the box, but do not have any circlips.  They have an axle bolt and
the bolt for the ball joint stem opening and a couple stop nuts.  Should I
try some other supplier or can the OEM circlips be reused?

  alancordeiro at wrote: 

    I did not know there was a difference between fronts and rears...I just
    two kits from quite a while back, used them on the two rears...then when
    came time to do the front wheels. I ordered two more kits....they looked

    identical to the previous, I do not recall any nylon inset nuts, there
    two circlip washers and two axle bolts in each, the rears need two
    the fronts only need one.


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    Stop NUTS are those nuts with an insert in the threads that don't
require a 
    lock washer to keep them in place. You reuse axle bolts? They're all 
    supposed to be one-time uses aren't they? They're supposed to stretch in

    the last 1/4 turn after reaching torque stretch, aren't they?

    Bernie Benz wrote: No, What's a stop bolt?

    On Jun 8, 2008, at 8:08 AM, Kneale Brownson wrote:

    You've never replaced an axle bolt or a stop nut?

    Bernie Benz wrote: Why the interest in the fasteners? 
    I have / would never replace these


    On Jun 8, 2008, at 6:09 AM, Kneale Brownson wrote:

    > I know the front and rear wheel bearings are the same, but is the
    > "kit" that includes replacement fasteners the sam

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