anybody in SF east bay wanna check out a 200q20v with me?

George sidman at
Thu Jun 19 09:30:38 PDT 2008

Go for it if it is at all good.   I will echo the previous comments re the
various gremlins, rubber parts and sensors.  All that being said I am doing
a complete restoration on my '91 200 Avant. I bought it new at xmas 1990, it
now has 309,000 miles and is far more fun, delivers better mileage, etc.
than the allroad. If you get a car keep me posted because I have various
parts, like all four rotors and pads (I installed drilled rotors and ceramic
pads).  The turbo is presently out being rebuilt and I have replaced all
hoses, most sensors, and brought all the mods current this list talks about.

The car is uniquely worthwhile, but getting and keeping one right is a
relationship that can be expensive.  Between Blau, O34, the used parts
yards, and eBay you can keep one reliable.
George Sidman

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