Not starting, won't turn over

Kneale Brownson knealeski at
Thu Jun 19 13:47:27 PDT 2008

I don't believe anything in the ECU will stop the starter from turning.  It will stop the ignition from firing or the fuel pump from pumping, but not the starter from engaging.   Other than a starter malfunction, there's an outside possibility of bad ground to the engine and starter.  The starter grounds through its mounting, but that's to the engine.  You could have a bad ground to the engine that would give you a bad ground to the starter.   I think you need a starter overhaul.

Rbade12 at wrote:  I get no click from the solenoid. With key to run, bridging the solenoid 
terminals gets a spark, nothing from the solenoid. Starter/solenoid are working. 
Battery shows 12.5-6 volts

I followed Bentley, with key to start I get 4 volts [should be 8 or greater] 
at terminal 50 [small wire] on the solenoid. I get 12.6 volts to terminal 30 
[big wires] on the solenoid. I disconnected the ignition switch connector 
and have 12.6 volts coming to it via terminal 30. I have .03 ohms resistance 
from the switch to the solenoid along the thin wire going to terminal, 
as far as I can tell, my wire paths are in good shape, getting power to the 
solenoid and switch and have a solid path along the thin, often maligned, 
wire going to the solenoid. Battery is good, grounds are good.

Bentley said replace the ignition switch. I did, no change, still 4 volts at 
terminal 50. The metal tang in the ignition housing that mates with the 
ignition switch is solid.

I looked at wiring diagrams in Bentley, but, I'm not real good at reading 

I pulled codes and get open circuits on all injectors and an open circuit on 
the waste gate frequency valve. I checked the waste gate frequency valve and 
it checks ok. I'm not sure how to approach the injectors.....and I could see 
how these would hurt running conditions, not starting conditions.

So, any ideas?

Thank you! Bob 91 200q20v

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