Combining Turbo parts?

Ben Swann benswann at
Mon Jun 23 07:37:32 PDT 2008

Is the combination of K26 hot side with K24 cold side a good way to go?  Any
BTDT/experience on this.  I'm looking at some options to refresh my engine with a stock
turbo configuration.   I have a hybrid turbo (T3/K26) and have had nothing but problems
with keeping the lines and fittings from leaking and now it is blowing oil internally,
so would like to get it back to using some nice OEM lines I have.

Anyone care to refresh me on the pros & cons of using a k26 vs k24 on 20V TQ 3B engine.
Would doing the above be better if I have a K24 and K26 to spare?  My basic
understanding is that the k24 spools up much quicker, but become inefficiet at around
300HP or so whereas the K26 takes longer to spool up but has more headroom.  Anyone know
where the K26 begins to die?

Anyone have a KKK rebuild kit laying around in case I decide to do this?  Any caveats in
separating these and rebuilding, resealing, bearings, etc.


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