Head Gasket

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Is this a dealer only item, or is there a economical source for these?  I likely need at
least 2 maybe 3.

On that note, what is the best way to install and torque down the ARP studs?  Should I
heli-coil the block if it has seen several head installs ?


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Just use the now recommended standard 3B/AAN/S6 steel gasket.
No problems with 500+Hp and 600 Nm / 2Bar boost Claus
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> I'd like to get some recommendations on which headgasket I ought to be 
> using for a built 3B block - 2.3l using JE pistons, Pauter ConRods and 
> stock compression AFAIK when using 3B head.  The 3B head is being 
> swapped for AAN head that will be port matched and polished a bit.  
> Mostly stock otherwise, but would like to be able to take some serious 
> power and using ARP studs to clamp down head.
> Is there any particular headgasket I ought to be using?  I don't want 
> to drop or raise the compression.
> Ben
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