Combining Turbo parts? sorry, forgot thread

Tom Egbert tomegbert1323 at
Mon Jun 23 14:11:02 PDT 2008

Is the combination of K26 hot side with K24 cold side a good way to go?
BTDT/experience on this.  I'm looking at some options to refresh my
engine with 
a stock
turbo configuration.   I have a hybrid turbo (T3/K26) and have had
nothing but 
with keeping the lines and fittings from leaking and now it is blowing
so would like to get it back to using some nice OEM lines I have.

Anyone care to refresh me on the pros & cons of using a k26 vs k24 on
20V TQ 3B 
Would doing the above be better if I have a K24 and K26 to spare?  My
understanding is that the k24 spools up much quicker, but become
inefficiet at 
300HP or so whereas the K26 takes longer to spool up but has more
Anyone know
where the K26 begins to die?

Anyone have a KKK rebuild kit laying around in case I decide to do
this?  Any 
caveats in
separating these and rebuilding, resealing, bearings, etc.

  I have just completed this project with advice from an audifriend in
 Ohio. He has more experience with conversions and power adders than
 anyone in the states. 
     Start with a Porsche K-26 from a 944t. The part number must be
 5326 970 67## The 67 digits is the compressor and turbine that will
 produce the most efficient boost and flow the most RPM.  Plain audi K-26
 won't give as much benefit.
     Then take the compressor and turbine wheels and housings from the
 Porsche turbo and rebuild an audi K-26 center section and build it.
 Take the shaft and wheels to a reputable turbo shop to get the rotating
 components balanced. The shop must have a KKK approved machine and they
 will mark the new nut and position the wheel so you can put it back
 together oriented the way they balanced it. (Very Important)
     My turbo is ready to go but I don't have the guts to do it yet.
 The rebuild kit cost 94$ and took 3 weeks to come from Europe. The
 balance was 25 and the used turbos were cheap on ebay. The porsche was harder
 to bid and win on. 
     I have ridden in a 200t with a K-26 without the RS2 manifold and I
 wouldn't bother. Too much lag. 
      Best of luck, Tom
   '91 200 20-v blk/blk 108k miles IA stg III+ RS2 manifold 22#s Stebro
 Too dang fast already

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