PS Hose from rack to pump

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Fri Jun 27 18:37:58 PDT 2008

Thanks for the info. I ended up using an audi hose. I was reading about the replacement on chris millers site and was thinking that it was gonna be a pain. The hardest part was walkin back and forth to sears ( it was about 90 outside plus humidity) for some better wrenches. I ended up using a ratchet/wrench, that thing is great. I wouldnt have been able to get the banjo bolt (on the rack) out or back in, without it. The bentley says to bleed the system, some say its not necessary, but what the hell i might as well do it anyway. My question is, to check for air bubbles in the reservoir, im assuming that the cap should be off. I dont even think superman would be able to see through that thing. Anyone have any ideas why it wasnt made clear?

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> What are you doing for the HP pump to rack hose, DIY build,
> hyd shop  
> build, or Audi replacement part?
> If going DIY, I have published the parts list, about $25.
> worth, 6  
> years ago.
> Don’t forget to clean the screen in the reservoir.
> The system is self bleeding if parked level or nose down,
> for gravity  
> feed to the pump.
> Bernie
> On Jun 27, 2008, at 11:54 AM, PyRo wrote:
> > I am in the process of replacing the hose which goes
> from the ps  
> > pump to the rack. I removed the return line from the
> brake servo  
> > unit to the reservoir. Is it necessary to bleed the
> system? and if  
> > it isn't when is it necessary to bleed the system?
> Thanks
> >   Danny
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