91 Avant driver's window disappears into door all by itself

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 28 05:22:32 PDT 2008

There's a C-clip that goes onto a stud to hold the fixture that grabs the bottom of the window glass onto the carrier that moves with the window winder cable to raise and lower the glass.  If I had to fix this, I'd take the door apart and remove the window frame/winder/glass panel.  Then it's not a nasty fix at all.  There are those who have replaced the winder mechanism or replaced the cable, etc., with that window frame panel on the door, but they report a lot of frustration, etc., with replacing the circlip it sounds like you're missing.  The clip goes on the outside of the glass.  So if you leave the panel on the door, you have to reach up past the glass and some of the door sheetmetal to get the clip on a post you can't see.  All easy to get at and visualize if you remove the window frame panel from the door.  
  I happen to have a frame off a door and can take pix if you need them.

Ed Kellock <ed.kellock at msn.com> wrote:
  After GF returned home this afternoon with Pentosin gushing from the
headlight of the 90 V8, we decided to take the 91 Avant to dinner. When I
opened the door, the previously closed window disappeared into the door
all by itself. It is no longer connected mechanicaly to anything inside.
I've read about this, but never had the pleasure in person. Nasty repair?

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