PS Hose from rack to pump (Round 2)

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sat Jun 28 14:32:16 PDT 2008

You’re not using Cu seal washers on a fitting designed for O-rings  
are you?  44 chassis cars used both types.


On Jun 28, 2008, at 12:43 PM, PyRo wrote:

> Ok so i had everything installed this morning. I started up my car  
> and it was like the niagra falls were in my driveway. Is it  
> possible that i tightened the banjo bolt to tight? It seems as if  
> the geyser is coming from the back end of the new fitting (banjo  
> bolt, hose, rack--the leak seems to be coming from the hose to rack  
> area). I cant tell exactly cause its so damn tight in there. Could  
> the pipe that travels along the rack be leaking, maybe? Could the  
> new hose not be sitting flush on the rack, thus allowing it to leak? 
> I already removed the hose twice and checked it. Both washers are  
> in place. Could something be blocking the flow of fluid? Im just  
> really stumped and slightly violent, and about to go take it off  
> for the 3rd time today, so any suggestions would be helpful.
> thanks
>  danny
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