PS Hose from rack to pump (Round 2)

Kneale Brownson knealeski at
Sat Jun 28 15:25:22 PDT 2008

Are you sure there isn't part of an old seal stuck on the rack?  I can't imagine you overtorquing the banjo bolt enough to distort the landing upon which the seal sits.

PyRo <pyro_10314 at> wrote:  After removing the hose for the third time today, i inspected both rubber o-rings to make sure that they were intact, which they were. I did notice however that on the rack, where the banjo bolt threads in, it appears a little warped. I dont know if its my eyes, but considering the amount of fluid that im losing, i believe that it is.Has anybody ever heard of this before? Is the rack made out of aluminum? Could this have happened during installation? the fluid wasnt leaking like this with the old hose in. Im really out of ideas and its looking like the rack is going to have to come out for a closer look.

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