The other starter anomaly

Kneale Brownson knealeski at
Sat Mar 1 03:04:29 PST 2008

Switch is OEM (275K miles) and has been no problem ever before.  The thing is,  it works every time when the battery is charged fully.  Does that make sense?   

Kent McLean <kentmclean at> wrote:  Kneale Brownson wrote:
> Went to start the 200q20v sedan to drive across town because it's been
> sitting about a week in sub-zero temperatures. No starting activities.
> No clicks, nothing. But the blower fan and dash lights all show
> (climate control on defrost). So I turn the key again and wiggle a
> tad and get starter action.

My guess would be the ignition switch -- my red flag being that you wiggled the 
key to get it back to life. When was the switch replaced last (if ever)?

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