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Would seem to me that by applying the brakes, the weight should shift forward, and assuming you have the steering wheel turned enough to still be getting traction and not just plowing, the backend should pop out and by applying the accelerator, the front should pull you through the turn. I'd release the hand brake as soon as the rear starts to swing. In a 91 200q, unless you have unplugged the speedo, you cannot lock the rear diff above 15mph. 

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Some of you will know that I have a thing abouthandbrakes and at least one of you is becoming converted to my deep-rooted beliefsystem.

But being as I’m still getting the hang of thistorsen Quattro thing, I have a quick question:


To set the scene:

1. Audi 1989 200 TQA (only a 10v, but for this questionit might also be a 20v)


2. Approach hairpin bend (or retail park lamppost atnight when no-one is looking) at say 35mph with rear diff locked in 2nd


3. Apply brakes and lock in an approximation of whatpeople say you have to do to initiate a pendulum turn.


4. Decide that the arse end is not swinging out enoughand grab a fistful of handbrake whilst stamping on the accelerator


What SHOULD happen next?










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