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A disconnected drive shaft equals zero wheel drive.

I recently experienced it when splines on my right front inner CV join gave up after several full throttle first and secon gear accelerations uphill on snow/gravel like rough serface.

As for hand brake on the snow you will lock you rear and go into skid faster then you'd think. Be prepared to release the brake and steer quickly.

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I guess on snow you should wind up locking them all up......i've never seen it done and I can't see my own wheels....i've never seen anyone try to tow a torsion quattro by lifting one set of wheels either (without disconnecting the driveshaft) but I thought it would go for a while and then disintegrate the center diff.....although I also thought that the torsion actually freewheels when there is no torque applied.....if you were truly bad ass maybe you could throw it in neutral do your ebrake maneuver, back in 2nd and stomp it through

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Just to point out the obvious omission from my previous post,

It's on snow

My main question was really what would the torsen do with locked back
Would it assume that the back axle had all of the grip and send it all the
Would it lock the front and back together

The speedo feed to the diff has got a relay on it so it can be connected and
disconnected at will
I call this the "Mr & Missus mode switch".

I recently had a conversation with my 7 year old son about his skiing
I suggested that he did not look at the trees, but the gaps between them.
Same applies with lampposts in car parks and I have not hit one since 1992.


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Would seem to me that by applying the brakes, the weight should shift
forward, and assuming you have the steering wheel turned enough to still be
getting traction and not just plowing, the backend should pop out and by
applying the accelerator, the front should pull you through the turn. I'd
release the hand brake as soon as the rear starts to swing. In a 91 200q,
unless you have unplugged the speedo, you cannot lock the rear diff above
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Some of you will know that I have a thing abouthandbrakes and at least one
of you is becoming converted to my deep-rooted beliefsystem.

But being as I'm still getting the hang of thistorse

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