Shudder? Possible cause uncovered?

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Mon Mar 3 18:12:09 PST 2008

I think that I have found the problem to this and the reason for the leak. 
The passenger side axle is loose. It moves up and down. What is involved in 
a repair. Is this terminal?
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> John S. Lagnese wrote:
>> This is in my 91 200 TQ 20V with 126k miles. It is overdue on the 120K 
>> timing belt change.  I'm experiencing an odd shudder at highway speeds. 
>> This had been occuring after about 1/2 hr at highway speed. I thought it 
>> may be the transmission. This is how I found out about the transmission 
>> leak. I checked the gear oil level.
>> Oil in tranny and still the shudder. It feels like an engine miss, but 
>> this doesn't happen at lower speeds and similar rpm. What else should I 
>> check? Could this be an inner (passenger side) cv joint?
>> Thanks,
> If you think it's an engine miss, pull the codes.
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