O2 Adaptation

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Mar 4 12:44:10 PST 2008

The list is slow so I'll throw out my latest "progress" on my rich
slowly getting closer.  My ProDiag on several occasions shows me that my
O2 Adaptation value is way out of whack.  I'm seeing ~165-174.  Spec is
115-141.  I'm thinking this _has_ to be the cause of my rich idle
condition.  Bentley says out of spec on high end is due to only 2
factors: 1) Low fuel supply "must be 2.6 gallons minimum in tank and 2)
intake leak
There has been plenty of gas in the tank - but I wonder if by fuel
supply they also mean supply of fuel _flowing_. The pump was probably
only a year old when I put this motor in.  And I have pressure tested
the intake at least a dozen times - I did find a leak in the MM hose
this time and ordered one ($130 shipped my god that is ridiculous!!!!)
but I had been using a Samco before and its been tight for years - no
leaks - but has been rich for a few years....Will pressure test for
leaks again when the new MM hose arrives this week.
Any thoughts???   Anyone else have experience with O2 Adaptation being
out of whack?

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